July 28, 2009

Lemon, Shortbread And Raspberry Dessert Shots

The inspiration for these dessert shots came to me after dining out on numerous occasions and wanting just a "taste" of something sweet after my meal. Unless I'm feeling voracious or plan on running for 5 miles the following day, the last thing I want in front of me is an oversized portion of double chocolate fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream and lashings of caramel sauce! As tempting as that sounds, unless there are two or three desirous bellies sitting with me at the table, I almost always resist.

I'm sure there are some restaurants out there that give you the pleasure of choosing between a shot of tequila or a shot of creme brulee? I have yet to come across one but if you know of any I would love to hear about them!

These shots are perfect for people that enjoy dessert in "smaller" quantities. They are particularly fun to serve at dinner parties, or any kind of party for that matter!

Oh, and did I mention that they were incredibly easy to make!

Makes approximately 10, depending on the size of your glasses. I used these.

1/2 cup (4 oz ) whipping cream
1/2 cup sour cream, I used reduced fat
1/2 cup good quality lemon curd
6 oz raspberries, plus extra for garnishing
6 Walkers shortbread fingers, or any other good quality shortbread
Lemon slices to garnish

With an electric hand mixer, whisk whipping cream until thick and fluffy, about 3-4 minutes. If you don't have an electric hand mixer, whisk until both arms start to ache :)
Add sour cream and whisk for another minute or so.
Add lemon curd and mix until thoroughly combined.

Rinse raspberries. Set aside 1 raspberry for every dessert shot you make. These will be your garnish.

Place the rest of the raspberries in a small bowl and crush lightly with the back of a spoon. Add enough sugar to take away the bitterness. I used 1/2 tsp for 6 0z.

Chill in the fridge along with the lemon cream for at least 2-3 hours. The longer the better.

Place the shortbread into a medium to large sized zip-lock bag. Using a rolling pin or meat pounder, crush the shortbread into coarse crumbs. Be sure to leave a few good chunks in there.

Note: All of the above can be done 24 hrs prior to serving.

Depending on how many shots you will be preparing and how fast you are, allow at least 15 minutes to prepare 10, as they can be a bit fiddly.

With a small spoon or piping bag, put a layer of the raspberry sauce into each glass.
Add a layer of lemon cream.
Then a layer of shortbread.
And then another layer of cream, etc..
Finish at the top with a layer of cream.
Garnish each glass with a raspberry and a small slice of lemon.


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